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Monday, 23 May 2011

Week 38

Congratulations, adlilatun nur! You're 38 Weeks Pregnant. Your baby is now officially full term. If born today he would probably do well. Baby is about 21 inches from head to toe and weighs about 6.8 pounds. Most of his downy hair -- lanugo -- and whitish coating -- vernix -- have disappeared. Baby's growth is slowing, but fat cells under his skin are getting plumper. Make sure you have a bag packed. It won't be long now -- 95% of all babies are born within two weeks of their due date.

Now is a good time to discuss postpartum depression. This occurs in 1 in 8 women. So it is very common. Some states have laws in place to make sure the healthcare provider checks up on patients to make sure they are doing well. Most women have some form of postpartum "blues". The baby blues occur between birth and up to 7-10 days after birth. If you are feeling low, can't stop crying, don't feel like you can care for the baby or feel as if you want to hurt the baby, you would need to contact your healthcare provider immediately. Medications can be used at this point in time and can be quite effective in the care of the patients. You will need to discuss this further with your provider.

Women who have a history of postpartum depression have a recurrence rate as high as 50- 60%. Women who have a history of depression also have a very high risk of recurrence. You may choose with your healthcare provider to begin a medication which you have used previously. There is new information regarding risk of taking medications at the time of birth, so you should definitely discuss this with your healthcare provider whether it be your OB provider or your psychiatrist.

Hurmmmm... I wish thats how i am now...
But at this moment its been 14weeks + 2days after Nur Adilah Husna birtd day n passed away...
Mummy miss you baby n always do...
Love you dear~

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