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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Situation 01

Situation 01

You have a friend, name it Q.
She ok ok lah... But sometimes agak big mouth n cakap x berapa nak lapik... So kalau ada yg terguris nasiblah... Dia cakap je apa dia nak cakap...
But she herself cepat ambek ati with others as well...
Because of kelantangannya, she's quite well known jugaklah...

Then, other people around know you're her friend... And start asking you bout her terserempak dimana2.
But they who ask dont really like this Q, just that they wanna know bout her thru you n comment bout her to you... Mengumpatlah kan ni??
Why do you wanna know so much?
Why you should know at d 1st place if you dont even like d person kan...

I mean, why that should happen??
Do d other person be friend be friend with you coz you are you...
Just coz they wanna know more so call 'gossip' bout this Q??

What would you do is such situation...

(ada kaitan ka ini pict??)
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